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From an early age, Justin had a strong affinity for the arts. This young Renaissance man loved to sing, dance, draw, paint and the stage- either as the Director, the Actor or the Designer.


Abstract at 5 years old

Justin made this abstract image when he was in Kindergarten.  He said: “ Mom, there were so many colors I just wanted to use them all.”













My 2nd Grade Teacher with her Kids  (7 years old)

The original work is done with stain glass materials

Justin’s 2nd grade teacher Ms.Teresa Tataro was an artist and she infused her love of art in her daily instruction. One early project was with stained glass.


After Justin finished the assignment, he came home and said that his teacher really liked his project, so he told her she could keep it.

He said; “ Oh Mom, I just drew her with her “baby bump” (since she was pregnant) and those funky shoes she always wears.”












The following directed images Justin drew when he was in the 10th Grade (15 years old). These were assignments required for his combined Art History and Drawing and Painting Classes under the tutelage of his Master Artist Ms. Marianne Hall.



Drawing to Music

The original work is done in charcoal and chalk pastel on illustration board.


Justin drew this piece while listening to Richard Wagner’s “The Ride of the Valkyrie”. He was asked to imagine that he was dancing to the music.

This was the first time that he worked with color and used the light as his guide.


The music moved the linear rhythms of the piece – both curves and angles - and their exploration of the surface. The forms he produced looked like he was truly dancing on stage. The deep vibrant rich selection of colors also embellished this beautiful piece of art and all of Justin’s choices especially the colors he chose reflect his response to this very compelling music, which played continuously throughout the project.



Justin was able to analyze and read his choices as reflective of his artistic style...which in turn reflects his basic world-view and his feeling of his place within it.



In Black and White

The original work is done in ink and white pencil on black and white cold pressed paper and illustration board.


This was a Directed Design where Justin was asked to create a master plan based on one curve and one angle that he would design.  He followed the analogy of writing a play; creating the plot and characters as well as the set design, costumes and the lighting. From the original curve and angle he crafted a stage or background design in black and white paper.  He then created an eye path (plot) also based on the original curve and angle. Finally, he developed shapes (characters) in variations from the original curve and angle and arranged them on the eye path…


The most challenging part was to lead the eye of the viewer through visual attractions.

In order to enhance the visual attractions, he learned how to apply a variety of classical marks (costumes) with “Light Logic” for convincing light and shadow to create the illusion of volumes on their shapes. (Stage Lighting).

The whole reaches mounting drama through patterns of harmony, conflict, tension and resolution, which are the essence of the interactions of the shapes… (This is the work of the Director.)  So, the Directed Design is a dramatic stage production.



Hand In Motion

This project is done completely in graphite on illustration board.

The Hand- Metamorphosis or “Sleight of Hand” includes a little bit of magic mixed with art imagery.

For this project, Justin learned how to draw his own hand from life using a mixture of analytic interpretation of the forms and his proportions and angles in space with the observational skill of tracking contours and perceiving the interplay of light and shadow on form.

Then he followed the same process on a form of his choice that he felt the position of his hand suggested.  He learned about transparency and metamorphosis to unite the hand with the morph object.

Then by using the principles of Linear Perspective he was able to create his own imaginative spatial background.


From and early age, Justin loved the characters Tarzan and Jane depicted in the Walt Disney movies.   Look closely at this image. He included an actual depiction of his hand to carry out the “rescue mission” The architecture feature of the tree house looks like something right out of a Disney movie.  Justin had dreams of one day working for Walt Disney Imagineering as a Show Set Designer.





Old Man

The original work is on toned paper and drawn in Conte Crayon.

The Drawing After the Masters project introduced Justin to human proportions for portraits and figures.


He worked from his own choices of a master drawing and he chose – not surprisingly, a drawing by the original Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci and of an old soul which required a lot more detail to draw all of the aging lines.











Me and My Papa

The original piece is done in soft chalk pastel.

This Impressionist Self-Portrait was one of Justin’s favorite pieces because he said it was an image of himself sitting on his “Papa’s knees.”  He also said “Mom, if you look closely, there are pictures hanging on the back wall of you, Dad and me.”


Justin was tasked to draw his own portrait from life in the foreground and the background he chose work from an Impressionist Master Henry Tanner’s Banjo Lesson.  He developed his self- portrait in the same stoke and color palette as Henry Tanner.






Me in the Mirror

The original art was completed in Ink

Justin drew this self-portrait of himself looking into a mirror. This piece of art is like a mirror of his values and true feelings about how he really feels.












The Way I Really Feel

The original work was done in acrylic

Justin drew this picture from the use of mannequins. He seemingly shows two of his inner feelings – both the public and private sides.


If you look in the mirror, the image looks like he is confined and stuck.  Outside of the mirror, he has pure energy; the spirit is free, dancing with glee as if all of the joy is poured into the performance.









Three Faces of Mintis

The original work is in oil pastel and collage

Justin came home and said he had to do a 3-D assignment. He chose to do a cubist portrait. He said he could not think of anything, but as he was talking to his adjacent classmate Mintis, he said, “ I will just draw your face”.


This multi-media piece depicts three views of her face and looks like a Picasso.


Justin made a collage and used text, paint, and words almost like a patchwork quilt to show his message.









Happy to See the Sun Come Up or Happy to See the Sun Go Down

The original work was done in acrylic

When Justin brought home this canvas with just an image of a boy in a field reaching out to the sky. He said he was bored while waiting to rehearse backstage for the play Oklahoma, so he started an extra credit project. When he first brought it home, I thought that it was absolutely beautiful and complete.


He said, "I’m not finished yet, I have to complete it for Miss Hall.”  He retreated went downstairs to his room and came up in about 30 minutes and said, “I’m done!”  He showed me this finished project as I looked in awe at the rays from the sun blanketing the sky and I said OMG “ Justin, what does this mean, this is beautiful? “ He said, “ You can be happy to see the sun come up or happy to see the sun go down.”




Turquoise Swirls

The original work was done in acrylic

The color turquoise is a prominent color that Justin frequently used in his art. We recently found this image and decided to look up the meaning of this beautiful color.  “Turquoise helps to open the lines of communication between the heart and the spoken word. It presents as a friendly and happy color enjoying life.


It heightens levels of creativity and sensitivity; it is good at multi-tasking, becoming bored if forced to focus on one thing only. Turquoise encourages inner healing through its ability to enhance empathy and caring.

It heightens our intuitive ability and opens the door to spiritual growth. It is the color of the evolved soul.


Turquoise has strong powers of observation and perception and can be quite discriminating. It has the ability to identify the way forward, the way to success, balancing the pros and cons, the right and wrong, of any situation.


It is a good color to use when you are stuck in a rut and don't know which way to move.“


This color does describe who Justin was and what he stood for.



The Last Words with the Bird and the Fish

The original work is done with magazine text

Justin was studying abstract art in the 20th Century.  He started to gain an interest in collage art.


So in this last piece of art that he produced, he cut out shapes of writings from the “Art in America” magazines and also a shape of a Bird and a Fish in negative space.  Justin was a fish in the water because he loved to swim.


I guess now he is a heavenly bird flying above us and watching over and guiding us on this new journey.





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