Justin Age 13, in 2010, Singing "Tomorrow" from Annie


Justin, October 2012

In his own words talking about his Grandpa,  Burl Toler, for a documentary in October 2012.  His grandfather was an educator in San Francisco and the 1st AA official in any professional sport when he was selected as an NFL official in 1964.  Justin is speaking about his grandfather, but he is also, inadvertently, speaking about himself.

 Chad Michael, an unknown stranger who volunteered at Justin's Service to record the video

for the church, put this together a few days after the service

for the family.

He felt compelled to put this video together for the

family after hearing everyone speak.  We met him for the first time that week!



This video was put together after Justin's service by family and friends to promote Justin's passion for World Peace and for everyone just to get along and to be kinder to each other


March 3, 2013


Justin Carr Singing "It's Alright"

Justin Carr Singing "Unclouded Day"

Samuel L. Jackson Black History Month speech, Feb 2013

ABC News Story on the passing of Justin's Grandfather, Burl A. Toler, Sr. Justin was just like his grandfather.

Harvard-Westlake Choirs Tribute to Justin Carr Wants World Peace, Singing "Man In The Mirror"



Justin Carr played Roger in a school production of "Grease" on November 14, 2010. The following clip is a segment of that production, which includes Justin's singing "Mooning" with one of his cast mates. Enjoy and "Smile for Justin"!

Justin Carr -Wants World Peace talks Architecture at the El Capitan Theatre.


interview with Justin that aired on TV during a Back Stage Tour

Justin Carr - Wants World Peace Celebration of Life.


Justin Carr's "Celebration of Life"  was held on March 2, 2013 at All Saints Church in Pasadena,California. Pay particular attention to the speakers and the songs. This young Renaissance Man was selfless, helpful, observant, creative, skillful and sensitive. He was wise beyond his 16 years

Justin Carr - Wants world peace doing the " bottle dance" in Fiddler of the Roof.


This video shows Justin's skillful performance during the bottle dance.

Justin Carr- Wants World Peace- CBS LA "Justin's Story" - Aired 8/1213

Justin's high school Art Teacher Marianne Hall talks about Justin's art work in detail.

CBS Los Angeles

"Student's Giving Spirit Continues After His Death With Dare To Dream Program"

A gifted teen boy who died from a heart condition last year is living on through Dare To Dream, a program that gives Inglewood students the chance to pursue the arts. Stephanie Simmons reports.


Darrell  and I got this incredible video from our infamous Teacher "Niece" Laureina (Beina) on Justin's anniversary. She graduated from Cal Berkeley last year

Molly Chapman Justin's friend wrote this song about her loving memories of him at school. She came to our house in June 2013. She made the lead in the play "Hair Spray" just how Justin predicted.  After we heard it, we were again on the floor and so grateful that she thought well enough of her friend that she found the words. Thank you Molly. You can see her talent on YouTube Molly Chapman so glad you and Justin were friends


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