In Black and White

This was a Directed Design where Justin was asked to create a master plan based on one curve and one angle that he would design. He followed the analogy of writing a play; creating the plot and characters as well as the set design, costumes and the lighting. From the original curve and angle he crafted a stage or background design in black and white paper. He then created an eye path (plot) also based on the original curve and angle. Finally, he developed shapes (characters) in variations from the original curve and angle and arranged them on the eye path…

The most challenging part was to lead the eye of the viewer through visual attractions. In order to enhance the visual attractions, he learned how to apply a variety of classical marks (costumes) with “Light Logic” for convincing light and shadow to create the illusion of volumes on their shapes. (Stage Lighting).
The whole reaches mounting drama through patterns of harmony, conflict, tension and resolution, which are the essence of the interactions of the shapes… (This is the work of the Director.) So, the Directed Design is a dramatic stage production.
The original work is done in ink and white pencil on black and white cold pressed paper and illustration board.