TEACH PEACE was our message delivered at our 10th Anniversary event on February 25, 2023, as we gathered (during a 4-hour pause in the torrential rainfall) to reflect, renew, and remember Justin through messages, music, and his life-changing impact from his friends, educators, and family as noted below.

“I was standing by this door at an opportune moment during yesterday’s JCWWP event. Susan and Darrell Carr had just formally taken the stage. I have butterflies in my stomach, recalling what happened next. Simply put, the closed door opened on its own, and a burst of air and Spirit rushed into the room. I looked around to see if anyone else had seen it, and there was one other woman who had. We locked eyes, goosebumps, and then she nodded at me. It was as if Justin’s Spirit walked in right on cue. And we got to see it! His parents and friends’ lyrical and rich program for the day that followed was filled with moving, artful, and peaceful gentle moments.” Jenn Robbins


In 2023, JCWWP continued to focus on the three-arc platform and areas Justin excelled in (ART) visual and performance, dreamed of  (PEACE) and exhibited and succumbed to (HEART). Programs included ART supply donations and contests, and scholarships, HEART Screenings, CPR & AED training to help prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). SCA is #1 Killer of student-athletes, the #2 Medical cause of death of individuals under the age of 25, and the #1 cause of death on school campuses. PEACE JCWWP also had a fundraising virtual run/walk-a-thon, Justin’s Race For Peace, and continues to provide programs on how to achieve peace with simple measures.


“Justin gave 100% to every project that he was a part of classes, swimming, theatre, chamber singers, drawing, and painting. He brought his considerable talents, his love of life, his love of learning, and his positive energy to all these pursuits, and he made them better with his presence. In my class, in Spanish III, period 8, Justin made us laugh regularly. He drew a picture of me with my hair sticking out here, and in the picture, I am saying to myself, “Justin is my favorite student.”  He drew on the board, sometimes just for fun and sometimes wittily mocking some of the pretension he saw around him. And he was a huge part of making that class productive and positive… I often think, “What would Justin say if he were here today?” I think Justin would say that we have a duty, an obligation, even, to be optimistic and to work for and be the change we want to see in the world.”

Margot Riemer Teacher, Harvard-Westlake School

“Justin was a handsome young boy with a high IQ and was a gifted visual and performing artist. You’d think with all that, being an only child and a child that was well provided for, Justin would have been self-centered, but Justin was absolutely not self-centered nor self-absorbed. Justin didn’t wait for someone to greet him first. In Elementary School, I always saw him reach out to children around him and greet those around him. Justin would come up alongside new students to help them navigate their new surroundings. He would choose to sit next to an alone child at the lunch table. Justin, let peace begin with him.” Mrs. “Q”, Principal, McKinley School

Justin & Ms.Q

Justin Learning from his Papa

Justin Teaching

“Justin’s kindness and the genuine love he spread to everyone lucky enough to know him inspire me every day. I thought I would be a ballet dancer and did dance with a company professionally for one year after college, but I felt called to medicine after Justin passed away and did my best to get there, although I had no idea how to go about it. At times, I thought it might be too hard, but I would always think of him and what he would say, and it would keep me going. I aspire to be a pediatric cardiologist, and I have felt his love and presence so many times throughout medical school, especially during my training last year at Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans. Justin always had a way of making it feel like you could do anything if it came from the right place; he was so good at building people up (me included) because he always came from a place of love and authenticity.”  Nathalie Bradford  (Pictured with Justin February 2013)


We All Live Under One Sky.     Let There be PEACE on Earth and Let it Begin with Us.      Thank You for Supporting JCWWP.


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A guest leaving our 10th-year JCWWP celebration saw this peace sign in the yard across the street from our event.



What a difference 10 years makes. Justin’s young cousin is still holding a butterfly in his hand at our events.