Happy Heavenly 26th Birthday, Justin!




On your 16th Birthday, you said to us: “Thank you for loving me.”


Having come to the 10th year mark celebrating your birth without you here, we will still salute you always and forever and say: “Thank you Justin  for loving us.”


There is no timeline or method for dealing with loss or grief. We are so fortunate that the aftermath of your sudden death included many people who rescued us, reinforced our feelings, and still supported us years later when we needed comforting or a listening ear. Thank you.

Dad told stories during your service that you prayed for world peace at four years old, and at nine, you wrote a letter to Santa Claus asking for world peace. Dad challenged everyone in attendance to go out, tweet, yell, tell Justin’s story, and always remember that Justin Carr Wants World Peace. And they did. Thank you.


Justin, we knew you wanted to give back to those less fortunate than yourself, but you could not reach your full potential or realize your dreams. So were are doing our best to do it for you. We received rapid responses from our village of friends and strangers to support us. After they heard your story without fanfare, they decided to do something. Thank you, Justin.


So this is how the Justin Carr Wants World Peace Foundation got started. These are the things that happened  so we could share your story and “Make Them Hear You”


“Go out and tell our storyLet it echo far and wideMake them hear youMake them hear you”


A few days after Justin’s celebration of his life, my friend Kurt Wilson convinced his friend Aron Lasky @aartdesigns (whom we never met) to grab the domain for the website www.JustinCarrWantsWorld Peace.org. They did. Aron masterfully designed and maintained our fantastic original website that has been strong for the past ten years and visited by thousands. Thank you, Kurt & Aron.



A long-time friend and extraordinaire Artist, Gary Lett (@artbygaryvincentlett), created the JCWWP logo. It depicts a silhouette of Justin making the peace sign recreated from a picture his father, Darrell, took of Justin at a USC football game. Justin’s actual signature is below the image. Thank you, Gary.



And then there was my friend Graphic Artist, Chuck Spina. He used his creative talents, took the five words that Justin described himself as being: observant, skillful, creative, sensitive, and helpful, and made our peace sign logo that graces the back of our JCWWP T-shirts. Chuck also designed the cover of Justin’s Celebration of Life Program. Thank you, Chuck.


We are always so overwhelmed by our selfless volunteers, schools, churches, facilities, supporters, and donors who provide us with much love as we fulfill our missions. Thank you.


Our current web designer Dave Meyer (DaveMeyerDesign.com), created this 2022 website we are launching today, on your Birthday, Justin. It has been a labor of love and has taken way longer than we intended because Justin, you know how your loving mom, me, your OTTO ( Over the Top Olivia), has to do things. But it has been a learning and necessary experience I will forever cherish. Thank you, Dave.


There was no shortage of media because Dad and all our volunteers and talented photographers have provided thousands of photos and many videos. Choosing the right ones was often tricky. We are also so glad our dear creative and talented millennial Olivia Gaines provided vital input to ensure our current layout and messaging are clear. Thank you, Olivia.


So, today, September 13, 2022, It is an honor to present the new JCWWP website to the world. Take your time looking at the floating images on each page.  Watch the videos, read educational materials that fulfill our missions of Art, Heart, and Peace, and somehow find ways to make a difference in someone else’s life and Let Them See and Hear You.





Please Contact Us to volunteer, for heart screenings and heart health education, art and peace programs, scholarships, copies of Justin’s art, to make donations, or just to say hello. We appreciate everything. Thank you.

Teaser alert: Don’t forget to watch the two short videos filmed ten years apart on the About Justin page—they took my breath away… this is all I can say.


Following is a list of at least 26 things that came to mind that JCWWP has accomplished in 10 years in the name of Justin Carr !! Visit the website to see media and stories.





Justin, I think we provided many ways so that people can hear you Justin as we:

Went out and told your storyLet it echo far and wideMade them hear youMade them hear you

  • 100k  + FaceBook Followers
  • Provided Scholarships
  • Made Screen and Print News
  • TV Show Dedication
  • Movie Dedication
  • Emmy Won
  • Golden Mike Award Won
  • Screened Hearts
  • Donated AEDs
  • CPR & AED Training
  • Sparked Creativity
  • Produced Shows
  • Tutored Students
  • Spoken to Thousands
  • Mentored Hundreds
  • Poems Created
  • Songs Written
  • Swim Laps Won
  • Videos Made
  • Essays Scribed
  • Grievers Supported
  • Good Grief Webinars
  • Friendships Forged
  • 107 Blogs Written
  • Concerts Created
  • Inspired Peace 


For the full effects view on a big screen, your PC,  iPad, and iPhone.

Moving forward, we will still be dedicated to “Fulfilling Justin’s Promise by Saving Youth through Art, Heart & Peace.” you for the love, support, and kind donations we continue to receive throughout the years. We are indeed appreciative. Your presence has been a gift. Thank you all!

Listen to Justin’s Dad sing ” Make Them Hear You”  during our ArtsAhimsa Event






Happy Birthday Justin —- I still can’t believe the years between us.


Love, Mom aka OTTO!


Make The Hear You Lyrics
Make Them Hear… Ragtime. Maklordmak. Coalhouse Go out and tell our story. Let it echo far and wide. Make them hear you, Make them hear you.
Go out and tell our storyLet it echo far and wideMake them hear youMake them hear you
How Justice was our battleAnd how Justice was deniedMake them hear youMake them hear you
And say to those who blame usFor the way we chose to fight,That sometimes there are battlesThat are more than black or white
And I could not put down my swordWhen Justice was my rightMake them hear you
Go out and tell our story to your daughters and your sonsMake them hear youMake them hear you
And tell them, “In our struggle,We were not the only ones”Make them hear youMake them hear you
Your sword could be a sermonOr the power of the penTeach every child to raise his voiceAnd then my brothers, then
Will justice be demanded by ten million riteous menMake them hear you-When they hear you, I’ll be near youAgain


  1. I can’t believe our Justin left us 10 years ago! Happy birthday my man. The Anderson family loves you! Peace and Love

  2. Beautiful new website, and a wonderful way to keep alive Justin’s spirit and dreams. From great pain–that of course still persists–you two have created great beauty and meaning.

  3. Very beautiful website Mr. and Mrs. Carr, powerful message in the importance of telling stories. Happy Birthday Justin ! Peace and love

  4. On this 10 year anniversary I’m still inspired by Justin, who he was as a person, and what he aspired to become. Beautiful website. Love you, love Justin… just LOVE.

  5. Beautiful tribute to an incredible kid! We feel the love!!! So proud of Justin & all he did in his short time on earth but his presence is still so felt !!!
    I love this kid so much!!!❤️❤️❤️

  6. I want to thank Susan and Darrell for this amazing Website of their wonderful son, Justin. You have been able to preserve his spirit and positive energy in so many different ways! The entire Website is both a Tribute and a Journey of a life well-lived even though being taken at such an early age. Because of both of you working together, we have a positive outlook on our world thanks to Justin with his ultimate vision of hope for World Peace. Thank you for this precious gift of sharing one of the most important people in our lives, Justin Carr, your son, for all the world to see and hear. I am so honored and proud to have known him and will carry the memory and spirit of Justin in my heart forever. Thank you again, Susan and Darrell, for all that you have done and continue to do in honor of Justin.

  7. It’s amazing how much Justin had accomplished in his sixteen years of life. He was becoming a trailblazer for life and legacy. Such an honorable and respectful young man. As his parents you both have found a wonderful way to celebrate his life and to channel your grief also helping other griefing people and parents in the process. Gary and I were blessed to be apart of his life 🦋🕊️⭐

  8. This is completely phenomenal, but then again, so was your son. And so are the two of you! What an amazing legacy of love and light and hope!

  9. There is so much more to tell…Justin is not one to sit on the sidelines! His life will continue to spread goodness, protection of the vulnerable, celebration of the talented, and love & peace to all who come to know Justin through this powerful movement you have nurtured. Just as you and Darrell nurtured Justin through his years on this earth, you lovingly share his legacy with us through this beautiful website. Happy heavenly birthday, Justin! We love you. We celebrate you. We are inspired by you.

  10. Thank you, Susan, for sharing so much beauty that Justin left for us. I love the new website and was very moved by hearing Darrell sing “Make them hear you”. I cannot believe how much time has gone by. We love you, Justin, and we miss you so much.

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